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Dark Thoughts

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Dark Thoughts - by Joseph Daniels contains material from the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Award winning show, “The Dark Cabaret.” This material is incredibly original, innovative, and story driven. In addition to Joseph’s work on character development for performers of all types, you’ll learn…

The Photo Morgana this is a stack of photographs that can drive a plot by forcing an image that can be any person or object that you desire!

Le Rituel de la Guimauve was designed to take the apprehension out of darker material for a conservative audience. It also contains Joe’s recipe for a spontaneous chemical combustion that he’s guarded for over 20 years!

Waltʼs Chair was designed for a haunting effect but the method has been re-purposed into numerous animations, is angle proof, and resolves itself completely!

Self Extinguishing Candle was the world’s first remote control, real flame, self extinguishing candle. While not practical for all situations, this solution has been adapted to so many other applications.

The H.E.D. Case better known as the Poe Opener this is Joe’s approach which blends a framed antique photo with a sealed empty bottle that happens literally in the hands of the audience! This piece owes a huge debt to Robert Harbin and Harry Eng.

Hofzinserʼs H.E.D by Darrell King is a different presentation for The H.E.D. Case that uses J.N. Hofzinserʼs visiting card appearing in a sealed bottle that contained a toast to the genius of card magic.

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